\ \ 176th batch beginners yoga class at MAMBALAM centre will commence on 10-Jun-2019 (Monday) \ 19th batch beginners yoga class at NANGANALLUR centre will commence on 17-Jun-2019 (Monday). \ 21st batch beginners yoga class at VELACHERY centre will commence on 09-Jun-2019 (Sunday). \ To register contact us. \

Guru Parampara


Sayings of  Paramahamsa


Yoga Publications

Bihar School of Yoga publications are now available for sale in Satyananda Yoga Centre Mambalam.


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Yoga Sadhana




Yoga sadhana is a collective name for all yoga techniques which are deliberately adopted to remove the imperfections of the personality. The disciplinary exercises of yoga are meant to condition the mind, the intellect, the emotions and the body. Through yoga sadhana one acquires equanimity, serenity, one-pointedness of mind and strong determination. One also regains one’s lost confidence. All these qualities are essential for successful living in all spheres of life.

- Swami Satyananda Saraswati