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Celebrations >> Sivananda Jayanti 2008


A special occasion to remember our Guru is always a source of joy.

Sep 7, 2008 was one such auspicious occasion, when the members of Satyananda Yoga Centre, Mambalam gathered in Bala Vidya school to celebrate the birth anniversary of our moola Guru, Swami Sivananda Saraswati. We had made it a very memorable event in 2007 and wanted to relive the ecstasy in 2008 also.

The karma yogis of various committees had plunged into action to make all arrangements and their stupendous effort was evident in every minute detail – right from the beautiful floral decoration on the stage, colourful draping around the majestic Swami Sivananda statue, smooth rendering of the kirtans, neatly presented hand-outs of the Guru mantras and stotras to be chanted and so on.

The program started at 4:00 PM with Guru kirtans, followed by a chanting of Sivananda Gayathri, Sivananda Ashtotra Satha Naamavali, Guru mantras and satsang. More than 250 students, members and families of the Satyananda Yoga Centre, Mambalam participated in this evening of joyous communion with our Guru.

Similar to 2007, a lot of karma yogis had volunteered for the pot luck. Prasad, consecrated by the offerings to the Guru Parampara, was distributed to all.

As Sai Premiji remarked, it felt like another Rishikesh in the Bala Vidya school. So exemplary was the discipline and devotion of the assembly.

On the eve of the Sivananda Jayanti we re-dedicated ourselves to follow the path shown by Swami Sivananda for self-realization using the tool of seva.